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Divorce Documents Attested by Mobile Notary Services in Ontario

A man is holding a fountain pen to sign a divorce deed.
Divorce Deed Signing

Many divorce settlements happen without going to trial, making things simpler for couples who are parting ways. However, there are many documents involved in this process. And notarizing these documents is super important to ensure everything follows the law and stays valid down the road. These notarized papers assure you that everything's legally sound and secure for the future.

So, let's look at some important divorce documents that need attesting from mobile notary services in Ontario.

Divorce Documents Attested by Mobile Notary Services in Ontario

1. Initial Complaint or Petition for Divorce

This is the first step in initiating a divorce. It's a simple document where either spouse outlines their desired outcomes. It also mentions aspects like property division and spousal support that need notarization.

2. Answers to The Divorce Petition

This document is the respondent's answer to the claims made in the initial petition and might include details about counterclaims for assets, property, finances, or spousal support. By signing and notarizing this document, the responding spouse acknowledges receipt of the petition and officially outlines their stance on the matters brought forth in the divorce proceedings.

3. Marital Settlement Agreement

The Marital Settlement Agreement, also known as a separation agreement, is a comprehensive document that details the agreements reached between former partners as they dissolve their marriage. Witnessing by mobile notary services in Ontario enhances its legal validity. It ensures that the agreement holds weight in legal proceedings.

4. Child Support Agreement

In cases involving children, a notary's presence to witness both parties' signatures on this agreement is essential. It delineates each parent's financial responsibilities towards their children. Moreover, if a child's parents have an amicable relationship, they can get it notarized without the court's guidance.

5. Parenting Plan

A parenting plan might be part of the agreement if children are involved in the divorce. This plan outlines custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and details about parental responsibilities. Some jurisdictions might require certain portions of the parenting plan notarized for legal implementation.

6. Financial Affidavits

These documents detail each spouse's personal finances, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. These affidavits assist the judge in making decisions about alimony, child support, and other settlement agreements, so they must be notarized by mobile notary services in Ontario.

7. Property Settlement Agreement

When your marriage is officially dissolved, a property settlement agreement becomes a legally binding part of the final judgment. When the document is attested by mobile notary services in Ontario, it becomes legalized so that it can be used as a contract.

Wrap Up

Skipping a trial doesn't mean skipping the paperwork. Notarizing these divorce documents ensures that the agreements, such as child support, property settlement, etc., are legally compliant and will be valuable to present in court in case of any adversity.

So, if you are looking for mobile notary services in Ontario, contact Inland Notary. Our team of experts guarantees that the signature is willfully done, solid, and legally sound.

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